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Hardwood Flooring Textures

Smooth: This is the most commonly seen hardwood floor texture, or lack thereof. It is simply a smooth finished surface.

Distressed: Factory distressed hardwood floors are worn and distressed by hand, sometimes with the aid of a machine, giving your hardwood flooring a well–used look. Distressed hardwood floors bring a warm, lived–in look to any room.

Hand–scraped: hardwood pieces are individually scraped by hand, giving your hardwood floor a naturally worn, distressed appearance. No two planks will look alike, so if you're after a unique, antiqued look for your floor, hand–scraped may be the way to go. Since this must be done by hand, it can be costly. Machine scraping can be done, but it will look machined, and will lack the random pattern of hand–scraped hardwood flooring. The terms "distressed" and "hand–scraped" are sometimes used interchangeably, but there is a difference. Distressed hardwood floors have a "beaten" appearance while hand–scraped hardwood flooring is attempting to mimic a more naturally time worn look.

Wire brushed: Sapwood is removed by wire brushing, bringing out the wood grain for a grainy effect and feel. This texture is gaining popularity.