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Bamboo panel
Bamboo countertop and kitchen countertop are the new bamboo panel products. It is made of laminated bamboo panel and pressed with 2 times. The top layer is end grain panel; the rest is regular laminated bamboo panel. With end-grain panel, it could have high strength and live for long time, not easy to be broken.


Durable, edge-grain design is harder than maple.

Optimum 5.5 Moso Bamboo: Harvested at maturity for peak density, creating a harder and more stable product for lasting beauty and performance

Can be finished with mineral oil or beeswax for a food-safe surface, ideal for cutting and food prep areas.


Construction: Multi-layers or Five layers with middle cross

Size: 24”×48”×1 1/2” or 24”×60”×1 1/2” or Customized

Color: Caramel color or Natural color

Finished type: Unfinished or UV lacquer or Oil